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The Savior Mentality

We have become complacent. We are far too comfortable in our willingness to allow someone or something to save us. Individuals want to be saved and usually it’s from themselves. We all make the beds in which we lay. The growing ideology of irresponsibility and lack of accountability has grown exponentially in recent decades. Everyone has someone or something else to point a finger at except themselves. Teachers are now to be blamed if a child isn’t learning while the parents remain unaccountable. We now teach our children that even if their team loses in sport that they are still entitled to a trophy. A pathetic adult devised this concept because they wanted to save their children from hurt of pain of losing, most likely because they were a loser. Losing teaches children humility, perseverance and how to work harder at achieving goals. Losing teaches people what they are truly made of. Some of the greatest winners in this world were great losers first. Most of these losers turned winners had no expectations of anyone saving them.

People get themselves into debt by over purchasing and living above their means to make themselves feel better about their real station in life. Once they get in over their heads they want to file bankruptcy or want debt relief. Admittedly credit card companies and credit institutions can be a bit shady or deceptive about their practices and play on the ignorance of those who don’t know any better. The fault lies squarely on the shoulders of people who want more than they really can afford. It’s unfortunate that there is no existence of institutions specifically focused on credit, how to create it and how to use it and not abuse it. The only time people seek credit counseling is when they are in debit and in financial trouble. This is when people need to be saved.

The Savior mentality is born from bad decision making skills and practices. If you didn’t get a good education or develop skill sets that would allow you to make a self sustaining living for yourself or your family, whose fault is that? No one can save you by just giving you a job you are unqualified for. People are always screaming about there needing to be more jobs but are rarely willing to do anything to make the possibility of qualifying for the jobs that do exist. Smart people Go back to school or learn skills and know that it’s never too late to do so. No one can save any of us from ourselves and if they can, it won’t be without us doing our part to help them help us. In order to get anything different than what we have, we must do something different than what we have already done. When you don’t ask for or try to get what you want, the answer will always be NO. Rejection is inevitable.


Violence is a major issue from which we all want to be saved. At what point do we rely upon self preservation? Will it be fight or flight? When a crime is committed or someone stole something from us the first thing most people do is call the police. “911….. Come save me”! In Texas many people have signs on their property which clearly state “We don’t Call Police”. That means, if you try to commit a crime on this property, clearly the criminals are the ones who will need saving. As I watch the news from Chicago; my home town, I see people angry, hurt and scared for their lives because of the violence and corruption. Chicago is ground zero for a people who have the Savior mentality. The culture of politics has always promoted the necessity of police having the “Gestapo like” authority in the city. The attitude of control rather than order has always been in place. Without going into the entire history of gangs from the early 1900’s to today the corruption and politics of the city; know that there has always been a controlling faction in place to keep the powerful in power. Illinois ranks #3 in convictions of corrupt politicians, many of whom come from the city of Chicago.
The residents of Chicago have always been taught and lead to depend on the city and whatever it tells the people they need. Generations after generation have bought into this idea. When the conversation presents itself, the backlash of those who live in Chicago is swift and very protective of the destructive principles which got them where they are. It’s a form of Stockholm syndrome. Who is at fault? Who will save them? Many blame the city for having no jobs. Many go to one of the thousands upon thousands of churches the city has to offer, few of which ever participate or return anything to the communities they are supposed to serve, all according to their own scripture. Many complain and try to pray the violence away but few are willing to step up to make change even in their own households. We have to take at least one step before God will take the two and that step requires more than prayer. No miracles are going to happen and it will not all go away. Depending on prayer alone has made people lazy and dependent therefore crippling the community. Prayer without works is dead.
Chicagoan’s have been lead to believe for decades that guns are to be blamed for everything wrong with our youth. We spend far too much time looking for the “Magic Bullet” to solve all the violence. Cars don’t drive drunk and pencils don’t misspell words, there has to be an accountable person involved to make either happen. The guns are only a problem in the hands of someone with a psychological disconnect from humanity. The culture of violence and the mentality born from it was not created by a gun. It came from a corrupted mind. My city has been dubbed “Chi-Raq” because of the excessive killing and destruction, but I contend that if it has become like that of a war zone and the powers that be want to stop it; which I don’t believe they do, where are the psychologists, doctors and programs to help treat the Post Traumatic stress disorder these kids and people in the Black community suffer from by living in this war zone? When a shooting occurs anywhere else in America where white children are involved at a school or place of work, the administrators or agencies provide some kind of support for the victims in order to start the healing process. Where is the support for the people of my city? Money is constantly funneled from the needs of the people and used to build stuff like “Beans” in the park and infrastructure in parts of the city that the tourist will frequent. The taxes have become astronomical on everything. The culture has and way of thinking to be the first change. Unless you know you’re in trouble you can’t defend or protect yourself especially when the enemy has you convinced that they are your best chance to get help. Help yourselves by Voting for credible candidates that have the best interest of the people in mind. If there are none, become one. The culture of distrust and violence has to be reversed, but it won’t happen until the puppet strings are severed from the puppet master. There are far too many brilliant people in my city who are very capable of ushering change to the people who need it most. Stop looking for the same people to save you who got you to where you are. Hope, Peace and Unity is out there but we have to stop looking for everyone except us to provide it.

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