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Pro Black Does Not Mean Anti-White.


                             White Supremacy and privilidge has created an entirely new movement in America in recent years. Somehow there are some White people who believe that Black people can actually be racist. Blacks by definition have never attempted to dominate or control another race of people. Can blacks be prejudice? Yes. Whatever they are remains a creation of Slavery segregation and racism. The reality is that race is an invention of Whites who made it the very reason for separating themselves from others. We have absorbed the lies, marginalization, infiltration, degradation and destruction for centuries. Now that there are many more Black people who have embraced the idea of separation, suddenly there is a backlash from Whites, especially in the media to call Black people who show distaste for Whites sense of entitlement; racist. For people with white skin, the benefits of white supremacy are vast even for poor Whites which go far beyond money. Sadly they have been benefiting for centuries off the backs of Black slavery even though they will quickly tell Blacks to get over it, and Wall Street is one of them. index

9/11 took place on 1 day… never forget. The Holocaust took place between 1941 and 1945… never forget. Slavery, oppression, systematic segregation and supremacy in The United States took place from approximately 1619 to present…. forget about it and get over it. According to Whites it has absolutely nothing to do with them and as long as we continue to harp on our poor treatment there will always be division. As long as we continue to fight against the disparities and obstacles placed in our path by a White social sense of entitlement, media propaganda and the attitudes of those who knowingly and unknowingly support these institutions Blacks will forever be considered trouble makers. According to the main stream media driven by White supremacy, a Middle Eastern person who shoots into a crowd is considered a terrorist. A Black person who shoots into a crowd is a Thug. When a white person shoots up a church, a theater, or a school, mental illness seems to always be to blame. It’s never vicious or malicious because supposedly they were temporarily insane and they didn’t know what they were doing. If you are a white kid and you kill several people in a car it’s called, Afflunza and you are set free because you have too much money to know right from wrong or go to jail. That’s a classic example of White privilege.

The White establishment is trying desperately to diminish the credibility of the “#Black Lives Matter” movement with the help of many assimilating, passive blacks. Why? It’s because of the threat to the establishment and a regression of all the work previously done to systematically control and oppress Blacks. J. Edgar Hoover was a master manipulator, creator of “Cointelpro“and is still praised in America by Whites whose illegal, divisive and destructive practices almost single handedly destroyed an entire generation of Black pride and progress. We are currently witnessing a resurgence of Black pride and progress. Whites have systematically been teaching Black people to hate themselves, their hair and their skin for so long that it becomes uncomfortable for White people when Blacks show love for themselves. Blacks are not supposed to love anything Black.

If Blacks say “Black Power” Whites automatically associate it to their own White Power type behavior which is historically violent and still is today. There is a huge difference between the two because last time I checked Blacks hadn’t lynched, dragged, or murdered anyone White simply for being White. Fear mongering is a tactic used to control the White masses and they are masters at it. Find the movie “Birth of a Nation”, by D.W. Griffith from 1915 to get an idea of how mass media began this sort of propaganda campaign against Blacks. Young people Black and White alike are taking to the streets once again as they did in the 60’s in attempts to gain some sense of dignity and respect in the face of blatant wrongdoing, corruption, unequal application of the law, disrespect, murder and incarceration.

“Whites want Blacks to accept their unequal form of equality”.

Thank the Heavens for the Millinials who are denouncing the old ways of bigotry and hatred. People around the World are saying, “ #Black lives Matter ” and as usual Whites in America are angry at this as though Black people are not supposed to care about what happens to Black people, especially when they are still being treated as second class citizens in what is supposed to be a free country. Whites want Blacks to apologize for being born Black and to accept it as a lower station in life and thank them for the privilege; The White Privilege. Whites want Blacks to accept their unequal form of equality. If they weren’t worried about the progress of a supposed underclass group of people they wouldn’t work so hard to keep Blacks contained physically or mentally. They wouldn’t work so hard to diminish the ability for blacks to vote if voting didn’t count. Racial profiling and over policing of the Black community wouldn’t be a thing if there wasn’t some kind of God complex or need to conquer others who don’t look like them. If it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t care. Maybe some Blacks do dislike what White skin represents the same as the way for over 400 years Whites have systematically hated what Black skin represents. Who is to blame and who can fix it, Blacks by fighting oppression and horrendous treatment or Whites by stopping the racism and institutions that support it?


Power only exists when someone has the ability to change things either through money or influence, which explains the assassinations of Dr. King and Malcolm X. They had too much influence. If White people spent as much time scolding their friends and associates for bringing race into everything and using it as a way to divide the world as they did scolding Blacks for playing the so-called race card, the world would be a very different place. It reminds me of how a woman will go out and fight another woman over her husband instead of dealing with him. That behavior is immature short sighted and stupid.

Whites who claim, “All Lives Matter” are now supporting their Governors in keeping Syrian refugees out of the country. Apparently all lives do not matter. The only people I or any of the people I know who have ever been terrorized, financially, physically, socially, psychologically and spiritually, were terrorized by Whites and their behaviors in These United States Of America. I am tired of people not of color acting as though they know something about what it’s like to be Black in America and what we should and should not be doing when they and their systems and attitudes are 85% of the problem. Time is passing and things are changing, If Blacks were as violent as White fear mongering would have the world believe, there would be no more Whites globally. Black people are not afraid; they simply are not savages and are not the ones who perpetuate all the nonsense that keeps this country divided. That’s all done by those who control the money and the narrative, plus we all know that the puppet masters of information are not people of color.
Fortunately this does not encompass all people and there are those who are good, Black and White.
As John F Kennedy said “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing and remain silent”.
Its ok to Love yourself Black Man! You owe No apologies to anyone for your pride and knowledge of self.

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