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Who Decides Who Matters ?

As I sit here this morning contemplating my daily agenda while flipping through my cell phone in the comfort of my kitchen; checking the news and social media thinking about the calls that need to be made and the ones I should receive, errands to be completed and choices to ponder. The first thing I see is a breaking story about 5 masked men who have shot multiple people at a peaceful demonstration by “Black Lives Matter” in protest over the death of yet another unarmed young black male; “Jamar Clark”, by Police in Minneapolis. doualy-minn-shooting_wide-9a8c5559ac15271f490dcf4177c1250e6e44741f-s800-c85

The interesting thing about this is that it was done by what are suspected to be, “White Supremacist” according to news outlets; Not thugs, not animals, not terrorists, but so-called White Supremacists in ski masks who are still at large at the publishing of this Blog. We are looking at France and expected to support them but I don’t see any support for the constant and ongoing terrorism taking place right here in America.  Its not even being called what it is; terrorism. No Syrian has ever done anything to Black people I know; however, I do know of some atrocities that have taken place at the hands of Whites right here in America in the name of their Christianity. There is no difference between White Supremacists and ISOL. Terrorism anywhere is terrorism anywhere.

This is clearly one of many terrorist acts. Black Churches are being shot up and burned all in the Name of White Christianity. If these savages had been Middle Easterners there would have been no hesitation to call them terrorists. If they had been Black the term thug would have been used. I wonder If we call ourselves “Black Supremacists” when we do something violent to further our cause, would that be acceptable. Oh …that’s right Blacks don’t pretend to be superior to anyone else or randomly without provocation do anything violent to further their cause. Blacks don’t hang, Lynch, Shoot, Drag or have the power to systematically incarcerate, Marginalize, shoot unarmed White people or over police the white community. Oh well it was worth a try.

As I go back to my thoughts of the day, I see another story about another young black male who had been in the news in recent weeks because he was staring at a white girl. It was told to be a staring contest. It appears he won because she somehow felt intimidated. The school suspended the 12 year old for the act and today it’s announced that the court upheld the decision for the suspension. Im paraphrasing but he has stated that this taught him to pick his battles more carefully. So it appears that when she lost even though she giggled through the whole thing he was reprimanded and punished. I really do wonder, if this had been a white 12 year old male staring at her, would this even be a story? I really wonder where she got the idea that a classmate was scary and intimidating he0r?  This reminds me of the case of George Stinney who was railroaded to execution by White people at the age of 14 in 1944 South Carolina. Some things never change.

To round off my morning I then see a story about unarmed Laquan McDonald a 17 year old shot to death in October of 2014,  Murdered by an overzealous, under trained, sworn and previously reprimanded on multiple occasions for his brutal behavior, racist police officer. It turns out according to reports that he regularly calls black people niggers. Now we now know why the city of Chicago is hesitant to release the body cam footage.
Laquan McDonald Autopsy
He is an embarrassment to their department. Sad to say I know for a fact having been born and raised in Chicago that he is not alone. There are and have been many more just like him with Chicago being one of the most corrupt cities in America where policing and politics are concerned. How does a cop police a population that he deems to be less than human? This speaks to the larger issue of the Black image in the eyes of White people globally. Many Blacks say they don’t care what Whites think, yet what Whites think adversely effects us daily since what they think is rarely good. Fear mongering and negative story lines are all we can expect from White media which is what drives public opinion and creates the image that they use to fuel the distrust and hatred of Black people.
Even the President of the most powerful country in the world is not immune. Blacks spend too much time being entertained and accepting anything that makes they’re head bounce or comes on television that forms these ideas in the heads of people like this rogue officer.

In order to destroy a people you must first dehumanize them. We do a great job at dehumanizing ourselves these days under the tutelage of White Supremacy and its systems. Hitler was a great dehumanizer. When his campaign to cleanse the world of the Jews began he had already made everyone feel as though it was no big deal which is why so many remained silent while the exterminations took place similar to the White majority in America has no sympathy or empathy for Black life. They remain silent while Blacks are systematically destroyed daily. White run media has created the narrative that Black Lives Matter is a threat the way J. Edgar Hoover created the Idea that the Black Panthers were a threat to America. They were not a threat to America , they were a threat to the power structure that keeps Black people economically and socially  beneath White people. Blacks are not allowed to help themselves or fight back , that’s against the rules according to the treatment of anyone who speaks of Black self pride. bobby-bags01
The minute Black people are tired of trying in the face of every obstacle placed in their path including murder and systematic oppression they are then called lazy. Place any skin color in the situation and conditions that Blacks in America have been placed in and they will be in the same condition Black society is in today and maybe even worse.

According to many in white society Black people are not allowed to complain about being treated less than human, protect themselves and especially not fight back. It appears that Black skin is the weapon of black people. It is considered dangerous by whites. The bigger the Black man the more of a threat he is seen as by Whites. That Black skin makes it OK to dehumanize and destroy those who wear it. White supremacy goes way beyond the surface and fortunately black people are finally waking up.

LaQuans body was riddled with 16 gunshot wounds from this police officer who claimed he feared for his life. He feared for his life but only two of the shots hit him while he was standing. FB_IMG_1448375914226The Black skin was going to kill him if he didn’t kill it first. After Laquan had been gunned down and laying on the ground, this officer repeatedly fired rounds into the black skin because he was afraid  for his life, according to reports. He wasn’t afraid, he was glad to finally get to kill a nigger like his ancestors who hanged and burned Black people while smiling and posing for the camera. Thankfully, while watching the news and writing this blog, it appears that the former Officers name is Jason Van Dyke and he is finally being charged with 1st degree murder. The city paid the family a 5 million dollar settlement in a successful  attempt to preempt any lawsuit filing for wrongful death.amos3
The overall question for me this morning is, “What is happening and what are we seeing”? We must all be careful, Black and White alike about how we view the current events of this country while we are so focused on what’s happening in Syria, France, Kenya and other places globally. The sad reality is that most white people especially the poor ones, will be included in this sweeping agenda in ways they cant even imagine right now because they enjoy a sense of entitlement that keeps them as asleep as black people who refuse to open their eyes to the realities of the world. It’s not even about Black or White; it’s about green and those without will be at the mercy of those who have it. I suspect unrest in America is coming sooner than we think. There is something sinister afoot and as long as we allow the powers that be to keep us divided we are all doomed.

Dylann Roof shot 9 people in a Church in cold blood and said he was trying to start a race war. He was not shot down in the street like an unarmed black man.Dylann Roof church-shooting-dylann-roof-radicalization-savidge-dnt-tsr-00010013-large-169

He was treated with dignity and even bought a fast food sandwich on his way to jail. A cop in Las Vegas named Bobby Kinch stated “Let’s get this over! Race war Civil, Revolution? Bring It! I’m about as fed up as a man (American, Christian, White, Heterosexual) can get”! He still has his job after openly supporting a race war on Facebook . What does that tell us about the overall view of where we stand in America? He is clearly a terrorist and it’s obvious that someone with this sort of mental disconnect with the rest of society should not be policing anywhere, unless there is another agenda that promotes or has empathy for his Ideas. So now today we have White supremacists shooting at Black people who are peacefully protesting wrongdoing. Isn’t it amazing how white people are the only ones trying to convince everyone that we live in a post racial society? In their minds Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Barack Obama means that there is no more racism. Not only is there still racism , its getting as bad or worse than  it has been in 50 year. Do not be surprised if we find ourselves under Marshall Law very soon.  This is why the constitution states clearly that the citizens of These United States have the right to Bear Arms. The reasons for that writing may soon be coming to pass.

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