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Survival Of The Fittest Disaster Preparedness

Disaster preparedness and survival is a crucial element of existence that I feel average people take for granted every single day. We all have a built in “Fight or Flight” mechanism that determines our ability to survive everyday situations. While sitting at a stop light watching the people on the bus stop, I started thinking to myself, “so many people take a lot of things for granted and probably wouldn’t survive a small catastrophe”. How much thought do most people give disaster preparedness and the possibility of not having electricity, gas, fuel, fresh water, or shelter? That would mean no lights, no computers, no cell phones, no cars or any of the modern conveniences that make life so comfortable. I love to watch shows like Walking dead and revolution as many people do but most never think about the possibilities of similar situations coming to pass. DisasterWe have already forgotten about the
New Orleans flood  sparked by Hurricane Katrina. It’s still questionable in the minds of many as to how the all Black 9th ward of the city became flooded, despite the popular story of weather related causes. Ask yourself, “what you would do right this minute if all the lights went out everywhere “? What if you live in an urban center where the population is in the millions?  First of all you couldn’t be reading this on your computer. No cooking, No bathing, No television, No gas for your car could be pumped from the tanks or pumping stations. This also means that trucks will not be delivering any food to the grocery stores which will all be empty in a matter of minutes. Your refrigerator is off and soon the food within begins to spoil. Many people can’t even cook these days so with the inability to buy fast food, what will they eat? What will they’re babies eat? No computers or cell phone service means no way to Google what to do next. Do you have non perishable food items in your immediate possession? All these are things to think about for disaster preparedness.

Non perishable foodMost non perishable food items are things I would normally frown upon for everyday consumption under our current comfort and conditions but in the case of survival it could very well mean the difference between life and death. Discipline could also become very necessary in order to maintain a good supply of food. Eating large meals will no longer be an option in a disaster. In the long term do you have seeds in order to grow food or create a garden to feed yourself and family in the future. Most vegetables today are seedless and that is by design. This produce does not create seeds for you to replant. When you buy seeds make sure they are non GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds and be sure to get “Legacy or Heirloom Seeds” for the purpose of re-harvesting the seeds to replant over and over.

“Without disaster preparedness only the strong will survive and the rest can only hope for survival by the protection of those with integrity, strength and the willingness to help”.

How much gas is in your car for the purpose of moving to a better location and even if you choose to do that where will you be going that is within range of one tank of fuel? How much water is available to drink? Even if you tried to move to another location the roads would be gridlocked and no one will be moving anywhere. There will undoubtedly be limited resources to sustain a multitude of people. Disaster preparednessHave you set a rendezvous point for yourself and your loved ones in case communication is no longer possible? Do you have any weapons to protect the things that you may have left to sustain your family? Are you willing to use those weapons if need be? There will be those who are going to try and take what you have in order to survive. What about medicine for those with illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure? How much training of martial arts or self defense do you or your family have? If you have pets you must prepare for their survival as well. Can you read a map or know when you are traveling North, East, South or West? Can you or anyone in your group hunt or fish and then prepare that catch for cooking or consumption? What are the chances of survival for you and your family or loved ones? Disaster preparedness means having given thought to all these things and more before its too late.

No one can predict when or where a disaster is going to happen. Be sure that in a disaster, you and your family have set a safe rendezvous point for all able bodies to meet in case you have to leave your home or if your home has been destroyed or has the potential to be overrun by others. bugout bagBe sure to have proper apparel set aside. Fully enclosed shoes should be worn with walking and possibly climbing in mind; boots if possible. Long sleeve shirts long pants or Jeans, Hat w/ Flex Brim, Working Gloves, Dry wool socks, Rain Poncho, hand warmers if necessary or whatever the climate in that part of the country requires. Tents are great to have or at the very least  a tarp that can be used to keep you dry in rainy conditions. Each member of the family should prepare a bag for survival. It’s generally called a “bug out bag”. A list of items that should be included but not limited to some of which should be multiplied x3 are; Matches or lighter in a waterproof container, biodegradable toilet paper, canned food with an appropriate opener or MRE’s (meals ready to eat) which can be purchased at gun shows, military supply stores, sports store chains or online. Rope, 3 liters of fresh water, water purifying tablets, and a metal or collapsible cup, a compass, Metal pot or cooking utensil. A sharp knife, Hand sanitizer, soap, first aid kit, crank power charger, flashlights and emergency radio. Have plenty of Batteries to fit anything that you don’t have power for. survival gearA Handgun or rifle with a minimum of 25 rounds and or pepper spray should also be considered. Remember that with everything needed you may have to carry these items for long distances on foot. This is a short list of Items to give you an idea of what will be necessary to survive even the shortest of times in a disaster or catastrophe. This should give everyone a lot to think about if you haven’t already. Many will give up, many will be killed and the population will thin quickly. This will truly become survival of the fittest. Power hungry individuals will try and gain control over masses of people and areas. Peoples belief systems, race and ideologies will determine who they decide to engage as survival partners over the long haul. Many people will be forced to change in ways they never imagined. There will be no more fairness and accolades for second place, stupidity or just not knowing will not be rewarded. Without disaster preparedness only the strong will survive and the rest can only hope for survival by the protection of those with integrity, strength and the willingness to help. Regular exercise is necessary to provide a person with the basic cardio and strength necessary for survival. Examine how many people are overweight to the point of not being able to lift or carry themselves under strenuous conditions or lift themselves over barriers or obstructions. They say that “In times of peace you should prepare fro war”. Outside the physical parameters of survival what about the psychological damage that will be done.

survival preparednessEverything a person has ever known will be forever changed. Most will give up mentally and perish or go crazy and then perish. There are a million websites to visit to inquire about the necessities or survival in case of disaster. One of my favorites is Pentrist. There are a ton of articles and information under “Survival” I suggest you take the time to read, learn and teach yourself and family about these things. Print the important information you find because you won’t be able to use your cell phone or tablet if things get really bad. I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what survival would mean and all that will be required. Take the time to learn more about disaster preparedness and survival by visiting some websites so you and your family have a chance at the very least, to know what you should do in case of catastrophe. Food for Thought.

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