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The Narratives of Blackness or what it means to be black in America has been dictated by everyone except black people. The last week has been filled with Truth and Lies, Love and Hate, Bravery and Fear, Smiles and Tears, Arrogance and Humility. The Truth is that there is a narrative of Lies that assume black people and especially black men are a threat to society. The perception is that the larger and darker the black man the scarier he is. The truth is that many police officers no matter how well trained tend to operate negatively out of either fear or hate, or both when a black man is killed in cold blood by one of these ignorant, fearful or arrogant officers who have been sworn to serve and protect the community. Black men are being shot, choked out, or beaten to a pulp by multiple cops like a gang jump in. The whole time these atrocities are taking place the police are shouting “Stop resisting”! When someone has cut the air to your windpipe off, resisting becomes necessary for survival.  People try to blame Barack Obama for the racial tension in America when the fact is that it has nothing to do with him. It’s because we now have cameras everywhere. None of this is new and the only difference is that black people are no longer afraid and have grown tired. Everything gets caught on camera now, finally giving visual proof to the words having been spoken by countless black people throughout the bloody history of AmeriKKKa. Whites in America are angry because their dirt is finally being exposed on a global scale while they sit by and criticize and sanction other countries of human atrocities. The U.S. has the highest number of incarcerated people in the world. We make up 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the worlds prisoners 65% of those prisoners are people of color. None of this started when the “Black President” took office and won’t change when he is no longer there.

It disappoints me greatly when arrogant white people and even some black people believe that when a black person has been killed by overzealous police they turn to a narrative placed in their psyche by mainstream media that somehow they deserved to be executed in the street for not complying with a rogue officers demands.  It is well documented in social media on countless videos that whites resist all the time while possessing guns and with verbal thrashing at police yet seem to make it home to their families with no problem. America has two sets of laws; the ones on the books and the ones in the streets; the ones that apply to white people and the ones that apply to blacks. Multiple black men have been killed while legally possessing firearms in right to carry states simply for being seen as a threat. The threat is the color of their skin. White men openly walk down the street with exposed AR-15 rifles and no one says a word. Tamir Rice a 12 year old child was shot down within 2 seconds for having a toy gun in an open carry state and the police were never charged or even seen as having done anything wrong.

The Lie that there is such a thing as, “Black on Black Crime” creates a divide among black people. Blacks have been lead by mainstream media controlled by whites to believe that Black people are more prone to kill one another than whites which is a Lie. It’s a tragedy that today in 2016 we live in an unprecedented age of information that is right at our fingertips and many refuse to take advantage of the opportunity to seek the Truth relying only on the Lies presented by propaganda machines designed to create narratives of division and plant ideas which blame victims.  Without the benefit of social media, the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile never happened and these so called “peace officers” would still be on the beat doing business as usual as many like them who have done worse that didn’t get on film are. People say things like all cops are not bad. I say “Until the good cops eliminate and police the bad cops they are all bad”. Silence = Consent thereby making them all bad. Stop protecting criminals in blue uniforms. When they fix their internal problems the outside problems on a large scale go away.

There are whites who believe that everything taking place is the fault of black people no matter what. Facts have no place in their arrogant attempts to equate Black Lives Matter which is a slogan, to terrorism. No one from BLM has killed, lynched, murdered, dragged, blown up, or oppressed anyone of any color. I have yet to see anyone white cat the KKK in the same terrorist light and in fact still protect their behaviors with the 1st amendment.  I heard a new term this week; “Radical Afrocentrism”. This is what they called Micah Xavier Jonson, the shooter in Dallas who killed 5 police officers. They started out saying he was angry about Black lives Matter and that has shifted in the Media to him doing it for Black Lives Matter. The media spin is always in play. My guess is that before long anyone black who stands against oppression will be labeled a “Radical Afrocentrist” the same way all Muslims have somehow become responsible for so called “Radical Islam”.  Micah Johnson was called a coward, despicable, hateful, monster, terrorist and racist, who killed police officers in cold blood. There is no difference between him and the so-called peace officers who kill black men, women and children who are unarmed or have committed no crime that deserve to go home just the same way as the police do. Rogue police are never called any of these things, are always protected and rarely convicted or even charged for their crimes no matter how blatant even with video evidence. Where does it end?  Narratives of doing no wrong are created and regurgitated by right wing arrogant, hate filled individuals who have no need to try and understand oppression because they themselves have never had to deal with or experience discrimination, redlining, marginalization and dehumanization among other things. The fact is that it’s more beneficial to them to tell lies and create fear as a mechanism of control.

Fear mongering is the tool of evil media. These groups love to blame black people for the having been oppressed by them. The fact is that people are tired black and white alike. The double edged sword of social media makes images of dead black people at the hands of law enforcement far too common, desensitizing us all and becoming a useful yet dangerous component of society. Over policing the black community is a common unspoken practice causing more arrests making it appear that blacks are somehow more criminalized than any other group when the fact is that according to the department of Justice, whites have more “White on White” crime than blacks do.  Some people in main stream media are divisive, arrogant and hate filled. They make up and regurgitate “click bait” or “catch phrases” for their low information, ignorant, underexposed audience to feed off of. These types of audiences are usually uneducated or educated fools who fear retribution for their own hatred and wrongdoing. Maybe they have a point. Maybe they should be afraid based on all the atrocities committed by them and those who share their attitudes.  Either way, I am confident that in America there are fewer of them than those who are sane and have an affinity for humanity. The good people of all races will not stand idly by and watch while the few create chaos and destruction. Proof that I am right are the protests taking place across this country with all of the diversity in the rainbow of humanity in the name of Right and Wrong and not Black and White. Thank the Universe for those of all races who “Get It”. For those who don’t like what’s happening but do nothing; just remember Silence = Consent. I have yet to understand why it makes so many white people angry when black people stand in the face of oppression. Either they are racist and don’t like the fact that black people want equal existence or they are racist and don’t care what black people want. Either way, they are racist none the less. When they spend as much time chastising their own people for behaviors and dialogue as much as they do black people and organizations for seeking justice, there will be a lot less hatred and racism and we will all have something to celebrate. If you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem. It is not natural for people to lie down and take a beating, sooner or later they will get up. First they will protest and when that doesn’t work they will strike back.
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