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The Black Factor was created to serve its readers by providing a raw, in depth look into black culture. This book presents information that explains the historic path of black society in America. Forbes explains how the media and propaganda have been intrinsically destructive to black life even when a portion of blacks don’t realize they are supporting their own destruction. The importance of the black image to black people is critical especially to our youth. The children are our future and what they know or believe about themselves and their community is critical.  Lies and misinformation must stop and the knowledge of self and the truth must start. The deterioration in the black community begins with the destruction in the community of the mind which has been brought about by many factors. Forbes believes that in order to further the knowledge of black youth the psychological bondage must end but when we don’t understand it or why it exists there is no way to fight against it or move beyond it.  This publication spells out the avenues of accountability, promotes

clarity and self love. The well crafted words in each chapter plants seeds of curiosity for the reader allowing them to grow their knowledge through further investigation of the information provided. BOOL COVERsm1More than anything Forbes wants to reach young people who want answers and hope for the future by explaining who they are and who they can become.

“Blacks often refer to themselves as “Crabs in a Barrel”, but overlook the fact that crabs do not belong in a barrel and were placed there by someone else. The lack of knowledge by crabs to remove themselves from a foreign environment and difficult circumstances will lead to confusion and chaos among the crabs as they attempt to free themselves from the restriction and bondage of the barrel. They will do whatever it takes to survive. The blame is not to be placed on the crabs in the barrel but the person or people who put them in that situation”

“The constant bombardment of images and information is overwhelming and we have to be very aware of what we are ingesting mentally. The information we take in everyday is like the choice of what we eat. You can eat junk food all day and it will fill you up but it has no nutritional value and the body will become racked with disease, illness and send you to an early grave. The mind reacts the same way. When you fill your eyes and ears with garbage and don’t take the time to consume quality content the mind becomes poisoned like the body from toxic information and Images”.

Black American life and especially young Black men are now and always have been under attack. The Black male is reminiscent of an endangered species, devalued and hunted for their skin, not for its value or beauty but for the perception of what it represents in society. My intention as the author of, THE BLACK FACTOR is to bring enlightenment to young Black males about who they really are, as men of the Black race from African Heritage and not the negative depictions that are so popular in the media and throughout American history. It is necessary to possess or obtain clarity regarding what it means to be a man in general and then what it means to be a Black man in America. To whom much is given, much is required. There is urgency within me to reach the minds and spirits of Black young men who have hopes and aspirations as well as those who don’t, yet don’t understand why.

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