The Black Factor


Explore why perceptions of black life in America have often been molded by the development and use of words and key phrases as tools for propaganda.

Often created and popularized by mainstream
media, derogatory catch phrases such as
“Black on Black Crime”, attempt to define black
culture generating false narratives and distractions
while generalizing an entire group of people.

Take a look into the truth about what has become
popularized black history and culture while probing deeper into seed planting, eye opening explanations for social behaviors, differences, misunderstandings and similarities.

Find out how economics, education, prison
pipelines, politics and media effect black culture. Read how food and environment play a huge part in the overall health of the black community and what to look out for in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.
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The Black Factor was created to serve its readers by providing a raw, in depth look into black culture. This book presents information that explains the historic path of black society in America. Forbes explains how the media and propaganda have been intrinsically destructive to black life even when a portion of blacks don’t realize they are supporting their own destruction. The importance of the black image to black people is critical especially to our youth. The children are our future and what they know or believe about themselves and their community is critical.  Lies and misinformation must stop and the knowledge of self and the truth must start. The deterioration in the black community begins with the destruction in the community of the mind which has been brought about by many factors. Forbes believes that in order to further the knowledge of black youth the psychological bondage must end but when we don’t understand it or why it exists there is no way to fight against it or move beyond it.  This publication spells out the avenues of accountability, promotes clarity and self love. The well crafted words in each chapter plants seeds of curiosity for the reader allowing them to grow their knowledge through further investigation of the information provided. BOOL COVERsm1More than anything Forbes wants to reach young people who want answers and hope for the future by explaining who they are and who they can become.

“Blacks often refer to themselves as “Crabs in a Barrel”, but overlook the fact that crabs do not belong in a barrel and were placed there by someone else. The lack of knowledge by crabs to remove themselves from a foreign environment and difficult circumstances will lead to confusion and chaos among the crabs as they attempt to free themselves from the restriction and bondage of the barrel. They will do whatever it takes to survive. The blame is not to be placed on the crabs in the barrel but the person or people who put them in that situation”

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